5 Snacks That Help Strengthen Your Teeth

It may seem like an oxymoron, but some foods out there actually strengthen your teeth. They’re not all as bland as you may think, either. Some are even candies! Keep reading to find out just which popular foods are dentist-approved.

Sugarless Gum

Surprisingly, sugarless gum can be good for your teeth. According to the American Dental Association [ADA], Orbit, Extra, and Eclipse gums can prevent tooth decay if you chew them for twenty minutes after a meal. Moreover, saliva produced from chewing gum will keep gums hydrated, clear out food debris, and increase the amount of natural antibodies in the mouth. Sugarless gums that are good for the teeth usually boast an ADA seal so they’re also easy to spot.

strawberries and oranges help strengthen teeth

Strawberries & Oranges

Strawberries and oranges contain Vitamin C which kills off the bacteria in your mouth causing gingivitis. Moreover, these fruits are also an excellent source of collagen for your gums. Like sugarless gums, they are relatively easy to “force” yourself to eat given these are some of the tastier, more popular fruits out there. However, be aware: such foods are also filled with citric acid. While this has no lasting effect you need to worry about, it does mean you should wait at least 30 minutes before brushing your teeth after eating such fruits. This is because the acid temporarily weakens tooth enamel and can erode while brushing one’s teeth during this time.

Cheese & Yogurt

According to Ray J. Jurado, DDS — the director of pediatric dentistry at Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital — yogurt and cheese both lower the risk of tooth decay. This is because they’re loaded with calcium, vitamin D, and phosphate. Calcium in particular is great for your dental health. It can strengthen the bones around teeth, reducing the risk of periodontal disease in adults. Meanwhile, cheese is also filled with probiotic bacteria that can ward off tooth decay.

Dr. Hunsaker and his team here at Midtown Dental would be glad to give you more tips on tooth-friendly snacking. So feel free to contact us anytime to set up your next appointment.

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