Will I Have Holes in My Mouth After a Root Canal?

If you’re about to get a root canal, you may be thinking about a lot of worst case scenarios. This is completely normal before a bigger dental treatment, and at Midtown Dental, we work hard to calm any nerves or fears you may have about your procedure. One worry we’ve heard from patients is whether or not there are going to be holes left after a root canal. Let’s dive right into the answer!

patient undergoing root canal surgery

Sealing the Treatment Area

During a root canal, your dentist is removing all of the infected pulp from within a tooth by cleaning out the root canal (which is where the procedure gets its name from). That’s the main part of the procedure, but that’s not all that happens.

To complete the treatment, your dentist will also properly fill and seal off this area, or the “hole” they just cleaned out. A rubber compound called gutta percha is what’s used to fill the inside of the tooth. Then, your dentist will either place a temporary filling to keep out any food particles until you come back to the office for your permanent restoration, or give you your permanent dental restoration that day.

Temporary & Permanent Restorations

Whether you get a temporary or permanent restoration on the day of your root canal depends on your unique case. Some dentists may wait to seal off the tooth until the infection has gone away completely.

What type of dental restoration you receive also depends on your specific situation. Teeth that have been severely weakened by decay and infection require the strength and durability of a dental crown, while teeth with a large amount of its structure intact may be fine with just a filling. Your dentist will be able to recommend which is best for you.

Long story short, you won’t be left with a hole in your tooth after a root canal. Your dentist will patch up the area to look and function like normal so there’s no need to worry. If you have more questions, feel free to send them our way! Our Logan dental office provides root canal therapy, so we can help.

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