How Root Canals Have Changed Over the Years

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We’ll admit it, the way root canals were performed in the past was a little bit frightening. It’s the same as how looking at how surgeries were done in hospitals decades or centuries ago might give us the chills compared to what the situation is now. Thankfully, modern technology and techniques have delivered us to a time when root canals aren’t something that have to be feared. Just for the fun of it, let’s travel back in time to learn about how root canals have changed over the years.

A Quick Tour Through the History of Root Canals

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the first root canal was ever performed, but there was a human skull from the second or third century B.C. discovered in Israel that showed evidence of an infected tooth canal being treated. Fast forward all the way to 1838 and that’s when an instrument was invented specifically to access the pulp within a tooth root. About a decade later, something called gutta-percha was created to be used for filling dental canals, and that material is actually still used today.

The Biggest Advancements with Root Canals

Some of the biggest advancements with root canal treatments include the use of anesthetics, X-rays, and 3D scanning. Local anesthetic keeps the treatment area numb so the patient stays comfortable, and X-rays and 3D scanning can help make treatment planning more effective and precise. There’s also the incorporation of microscopes into dental treatment, which is useful in getting a super-clear view of the tooth needing a root canal.

Looking at the recovery after root canal treatment, over-the-counter pain medications, which weren’t available in the past, are now there to help patients manage any discomfort they experience as the local anesthetic wears off.

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