How a Nightguard Can Save Your Smile

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Have you been having issues related to persistent tooth grinding and clenching? If you, like so many other people, clench and grind in your sleep, it may be hard to catch yourself doing it. However, there is actually a simple and effective solution available to address the issue. In this blog post, we will be discussing the benefits that you would see after introducing a nightguard into your routine.

Curing Headaches

If you suffer from bruxism, you’re probably no stranger to a pounding headache in the morning. When you clench and grind in your sleep all through the night, it puts tension on the muscles in your face, causing you to regularly wake up with a stubborn headache. A nightguard would lessen the tension on those muscles, leaving you with more restful sleep and a pleasant morning.

Protecting Your Teeth

Left unchecked, grinding and clenching can have a truly devastating effect on your teeth. As you grind, you are wearing away at the surface of your teeth, losing enamel that you can’t get back. Cracking and chipping of the teeth could come as a consequence as well. By wearing a nightguard while you sleep, the surfaces of the top and bottom teeth will not be allowed to make contact, eliminating the opportunity for damage.

Jaw Pain & Disorders

Another persistent complication related to bruxism is jaw pain. The common disorder TMJD is often linked to a clenching and grinding habit. Problems with this joint can cause chronic pain and soreness and the area, as well as trouble eating and speaking.

Custom Nightguards in Logan, Utah

Now that you know the solution to your nighttime woes, it’s time to solve the problem! Here at Midtown Dental, we offer custom nightguards that are effective and comfortable to ease the bruxism that so many of us suffer from. Call us today to set up your consultation.

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