What to Do If You Knock Out a Tooth

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Getting a tooth knocked out is not uncommon, and if it happens to you—don’t panic! Just follow these tips and call us at 435-753-0505 as quickly as possible. We offer same-day emergency dental care!

  1. Don’t Handle the Tooth by the Root
  2. When you find the tooth that has been knocked out, be careful not to touch its root. Instead, pick up the tooth by the crown, or the chewing surface. It’s important to stay away from the root because it can be easily damaged, and if the root is damaged Dr. Hunsaker may not be able to save the tooth and put it back in place.

  3. Clean Off the Tooth
  4. If the tooth is dirty, hold its crown and gently rinse it with milk. If you don’t have any milk handy, you can rinse with water. Do not use chemicals or soap! Also, do not scrub, rub, or dry the tooth with a washcloth as it could damage the tooth and its nerves.

  5. Keep the Tooth Moist
  6. It’s vital to keep the tooth moist at all times. Do this by putting it in a glass of milk, or place the tooth in your mouth between your gums and cheek if you don’t have any milk. Placing the tooth in a cup with saliva is OK too. Consider keeping an emergency tooth preservation kit on hand to avoid a last-minute scramble of finding a safe way to keep your tooth moist.

  7. Put the Tooth Back in its Socket
  8. Try to put your tooth back into its socket to see if it’ll slip into place. Do not force it, and if it doesn’t go back into place immediately and without pressure, then just keep it moist in any way possible.

  9. See Dr. Hunsaker within 30 Minutes of the Injury
  10. Your best possible chance of saving your tooth is by receiving emergency dental care as soon as possible. Dr. Hunsaker will flush any remaining debris out of your socket and slip the tooth back in place. To re-implant the tooth, he might need to do another procedure, such as a root canal, and attach a splint to hold the tooth in place for several days or more.

If you knock a tooth out, follow these steps and be sure to call us immediately. Are you overdue for your dental checkup or have questions about our same-day emergency care? Contact our office today!

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