History of Teeth Whitening

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History has shown that having white teeth has been desirable over the years. Let’s take a road through time and take a look at how people used to whiten their teeth and how we do it today.

Ancient Egypt

Teeth whitening was a common practice for high-ranking individuals in ancient Egypt. Their teeth whitening formula was made from ground pumice and white vinegar. This was put on their teeth using a frayed stick.

Ancient Rome

Ancient Romans may have the grossest teeth whitening formula. They used to use their urine to whiten their teeth. It worked though. Urine has ammonia which can act like bleach.

19th-20th Century

The 19th century is when dentists started making significant improvements to the teeth whitening process. This was when dentists discovered that hydrogen peroxide significantly made teeth appear whiter.

As the years rolled on, dentists also realized that using a heating lamp with hydrogen peroxide made the teeth whitening process more effective and efficient. This was used as the primary method to whiten teeth.

Then in the 1960s, it was discovered that letting teeth soak in carbamide peroxide overnight led to significantly whiter teeth. This eventually evolved into the creation of whitening gels and tooth bleaching trays.

Teeth Whitening Treatments Available Today

Today you’ll find numerous teeth whitening products in stores, including toothpaste, gel strips, and more. However, none of the teeth whitening products you can buy at the store are the same quality that you can get in a dentist’s chair. Professional teeth whitening contains higher quality bleach and is more effective at removing stains.

Teeth Whitening at Midtown Dental

Just like during the times of ancient Egypt, people want to have whiter teeth. At Midtown Dental, we can help you obtain a brighter smile. We offer professional teeth whitening that will make your teeth whiter by several shades. If you’re interested in receiving teeth whitening treatment, please give us a call. We can schedule an appointment, and you can be on your way to a whiter smile.

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