What Is Better, Extracting or Saving a Tooth?

young woman holding her jaw in pain with an infected tooth

Generally speaking, it’s better to save a natural tooth as much as possible. There are some cases where it would be better to extract the tooth. Every person and their situation is different.

Saving the Tooth

There are many reasons why a person will want to save their natural tooth. A natural tooth is more robust than any dental replacement, it maintains its appearance, and there are usually fewer costs in the long run.

When someone comes in with an aching tooth, they are possibly facing a deep dental cavity that a filling can’t fix. If that’s the case, there are two treatment options: Try to save the tooth with a root canal or extract the tooth.

If you have an infection that has reached the dental root, you will need a root canal. This is a dental procedure that will remove the infection from your tooth’s interior and seal it off from further problems.

Sometimes an infection or another dental issue may be too severe to save your tooth. In this scenario, a dentist may recommend extracting the tooth.

Extracting the Tooth

If you wait too long to treat an infected tooth, a dentist can’t save it. They can decide to extract the tooth and use restorative dentistry like crowns or dentures to cover the gap.

Wisdom teeth are often removed before they create problems. They are teeth that grow later in life between the ages of 15 to 25. You might need them removed if they are impacted and didn’t erupt completely. You may also want to have your wisdom teeth removed if it causes crowding or erupted at an odd angle.

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