Relieve Your Dental Fears with Our Sedation Options

Many people are afraid of hearing they have a cavity or need a root canal because they do not want to face local anesthesia or being put under. We are here to assure you that the sedation options we offer at Midtown Dental are not as scary as they seem.

girl getting her teeth cleaned under dental sedation

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide, better known as laughing gas, is a safe sedation option mixed with oxygen that doesn’t put the patient to sleep. A small mask is placed on your nose to help you feel more relaxed. The nitrous oxide may make you feel a little tingly and light-headed, but you should feel comfortable while a procedure is happening. Many children are recommended to use this option because it doesn’t involve any IV’s or going under.

Oral Conscious Sedations

Oral Conscious Sedations is medication given orally to help calm patients or numb the pain during procedures. The oral medications are normally a type of Benzodiazepine given to the patient one hour before a procedure. This option is much cheaper than intravenous sedation and is the perfect solution for patients that have anxiety over needles or being put under. You won’t remember anything from the procedure but you will also need someone to pick you up as the medication may not wear off for a couple of hours.

Oraverse® Numbing Reversal

Have you ever received local anesthesia and left the dentist with a numb lip and a lisp? We all know how inconvenient and embarrassing this can be if you planned to return to work. Now there is a medication that will reverse the numbing sensation, called Oraverse®. If Oraverse is injected into the same area where local anesthesia was given, it will take away the numbing sensation in about half the time. This option is only recommended for children over 33 pounds and adults.

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