What’s Included in a Comprehensive Dental Exam?

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Having regular cleanings, exams, and necessary procedures are integral parts of keeping up good oral health. If it’s your first time with a new dentist, or at least one year has passed, it’s probably time to schedule a comprehensive dental exam.

What Can I Expect from a Comprehensive Dental Exam?

Your dentist will perform the usual checks you receive during your regular visits, but some of these exams are performed in greater detail. You can also expect a thorough examination of the head, neck, and throat.

Teeth & Gums

During a comprehensive exam, your dentist will review each tooth in detail and check for any damage, build-up, or signs of infection. Your dentist will also examine past dental work like crowns and fillings to make sure everything functions as it should.

Your dentist will also examine your gums for color, firmness, and complications like recession. The gums can alert your dentist to a litany of potential oral health complications like gingivitis and certain cancers.

Head & Neck Exam

Your doctor will examine your head and neck checking for any lumps, pain, or discomfort you have in those areas. Your dentist will also take x-rays and or photos of your teeth for future reference. Consistent exams are a great way to give both you and your dentist a consistent record of your oral health for future consideration.

Health History

Your dentist will go over your health history. Knowing about any pre-existing conditions, illnesses, family history, prescriptions, and substance uses will allow the dentist to best prepare for treatments in the future.

Comprehensive Dental Exams in Logan, Utah!

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