Clear Aligner Tips & Tricks

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Raise your hand if you’re currently in the middle of orthodontic treatment with clear aligners. It’s pretty cool seeing your teeth get closer and closer to their perfect positions with each new set of aligners, isn’t it? As you near the end of your treatment plan, here are some tips and tricks for your clear aligners.

Stick to the 22 Hours Rule

In order to work properly and shift your teeth to the right position for the next set of trays, clear aligners need to be in your mouth for 22 hours a day. That sounds like a whole lot, but it does leave you with enough time to remove them for eating and for brushing your teeth. You may want to start playing it loose with the rule, but it’ll only backfire on you in the end by prolonging your treatment.

Always Use Your Aligners Case

When you first got your aligners, your dentist most likely gave you a plastic case to keep them in. This should always be your aligners’ home when they’re not in your mouth! It may be tempting to just set them on the side of the sink, or maybe wrap them in some napkins so you can have a quick snack, but that’s risky. You don’t want to expose your aligners to more germs or accidentally throw them away!

Ask Your Dentist About Cleaning Your Aligners

Sometimes, the dentist who provided you with your clear aligners can also clean them with their special in-office equipment while you’re getting your teeth cleaned during your regular check-ups. It’s worth asking if your dentist can do that for you since that’ll get your aligners back to a next-level clean!

At Midtown Dental in East Logan, we’re proud to provide clear orthodontics to our patients. If you’re looking for any more tips and tricks about clear aligners, don’t hesitate to ask us. Our team would be more than happy to help in any way that we can!

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