How to Adapt to Dentures

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Are you new to living with dentures or preparing to get dentures to restore your smile? It’s completely normal to go through a bit of an adjustment period when you first start wearing them so don’t worry if they don’t feel completely natural in the beginning. To help you get into the groove, here are some tips for adapting to dentures:

Start with Soft Foods

Eating will feel a little different at first with dentures so it’s best to stick to soft foods in the beginning. Think things like mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, yogurt, and pudding. Soft foods give you the chance to practice chewing and moving your mouth without too much stress or pressure. Being gentle on your gums will help make this change to dentures easier! Once you start introducing more solid foods back into your diet, remember to cut them into small pieces for easier chewing.

Practice Your Speech

You may notice that wearing dentures changes how you speak. This won’t necessarily be a dramatic shift—it could just be that pronouncing certain words is a little bit more difficult. You can take some private time to practice making these sounds (“s” and “f” are two letters that might give you the most trouble) until you get more confident and it comes more naturally to you. If you’re not comfortable with just talking to yourself, you can try reading a book or article out loud.

Watch Out for Sore Spots

It’s pretty common for new denture wearers to notice some sore spots as they wear their dental prosthesis for extended periods of time. If these spots continue to worsen or don’t go away, then visit a trusted dentist to see if you need an adjustment. They’ll be able to fix the denture to eliminate those issues and leave you with a better fit.

More than anything, be patient with yourself as you’re adapting to dentures! It’s not something that’ll feel like second nature overnight, but don’t worry—you’ll get there.

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